Thank you for visiting The Healing Connector

I am so happy about The Healing Connector’s growing presence in our community. As a licensed therapist, I am reminded daily about how important it is to feel good emotionally to the overall well-being. So many of us and our neighbors struggle alone and unnecessarily, not knowing that the symptoms we struggle with can be addressed and reduced with support that can be easily accessed in the communities they reside.

It is my hope and intention to provide at least one step towards feeling better and becoming the best version of themselves. The Healing Connector features information about various mental health experiences to assist in reducing the stigma that prevents persons from seeking support. Just reaching out will quickly reveal that one is not alone and most definitely worthy of receiving needed support.

The Healing Connector is here to be a guide for that support and encouragement.

 All the Very Best.

Sonya L. Allen, LPC, Founder & CEO

Please reach out anytime.