Promoting Stigma Free Mental Health

The Healing Connector is a premier mental health education and resource guide designed to remove the stigma related to seeking mental health support, services and treatment. It is free to the community providing readers with support and information towards attaining mental health wellness. The Healing Connector wants to assist you in becoming the best version of yourself by providing an easy to use guide connecting all to resources that promote wellness.

The Healing Connector is now proudly sponsored by the Beacon Tree Foundation: Helping Families Get Access to Mental HealthCare for Their Children http://www.beacontree.org

Why is The Healing Connector needed? Did you ever wonder who to call or what to do when someone in your home or community started to show signs of mental health concerns…..such as talk of harming themselves or even others. Maybe someone you know is really sad and they just can’t shake it or they become frighteningly angry a lot. The Healing Connector is the guide to help you connect yourself, neighbors and loved ones to vital resources to assist and address those concerning issues.

Cover Photographer James Wheeler